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So, I'm snooty?

High Elf
High Elf: The race of High Elves generally consider themselves to be better than everyone else. They act and look like nobles with their snooty, snobby nature. Skilled fighters, they take great pride in their race. Though they are a prideful race, they won't hesitate to lend a hand when needed, as long as the reward is worth the fight. The High Elves aren't to be feared, but it may be wise to think twice before trusting them.

If You Were an Elf, What Race of Elf Would You Be?
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Aragorn's Sword:
If you lived in Middle Earth you would wield the sword that was broken also known as Narsil. Huge and extremilly sharp, Narsil is the sword the defeated the dark lord thousands of years ago. Reforged it is one of the greatest swords ever made.

Do You Have What It Takes To Have A Lord of the Rings Weapon?
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