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Dig if you will the picture ...

So, it's Friday the 13th ...

Ugh. What a month it's been so far. I hate February. I honestly believe that if this month were any longer we could solve the population problem - everyone would kill themselves.

In my entire life, I can't think of one good thing that has happened to me in February. I get deathly ill every year. Something bad always happens to someone I care about. It's badness after badness after badness.

This year has of course been no exception. I haven't attended any of my classes in the past two weeks because I was sick. When I finally started feeling better, I had jury duty. I want to do jury duty, I do. But not today. Not this week.

It drives me crazy how things always work out like that for me. Something I want to happen happens, but at the worst possible time. Something I wished for comes true, but not the right way. Some days it just feels like the universe is against me. Like I try and try but I can never come out ahead, you know?

Grr. Arrgh.

I don't know. Whatever.

Sorry for the depression. March will be better.

I'm with Kari and Napoopa - I wish it were raining.
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