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All I want to say ...

Sometimes I wish I could just have one of those supportive moms who think their children can't do anything wrong. Why does everything have to be some sort of life lesson?

I went to Bismarck and interviewed the governor's wife for this story about the governor's residence for From House to Home magazine.

The interview went fine and I wrote the story. I thought everything was good - my boss liked the story and when I brought it home for my parents to read, they seemed to like it too.

So I send the article in to the magazine.

Yesterday, I got a call from the magazine. Basically, they hnated the article. They thought it was completely disrespectful and that my sentences were too short (there was more, but I don't feel like listing them all.)

That was yesterday. I didn't tell my mom because I knew what her reaction would be. Today, I was talking to Megan (who I did tell, because she wanted to know why I was so cranky). Long story short, I ended up explaining to my mom.

Her response? "That's life."

The long version was this whole thing about how I still have things to learn and blah blah blah.

Later she was teasing me and said it was because she was trying to cheer me up. I thought, okay, here's an opportunity. So I said, "You know what would cheer me up? If my mom would just give me a hug and tell me she loves me and the people at the magazine are assholes and I'm a brilliant writer and that she liked my story."

Instead of just doing what would have made me feel so much better - I didn't care if it involved lying! - and just supporting me for once, she gave me this speech about working for other people and being in the grown-up world. As I was walking away, she said, "I've been a mom for 25 years and I still have things to learn."

And all I could think was, "Yeah, like to support your children when they need you."

There was more, including several blatant slams of the article in question (if it was that bad, why the fuck didn't she tell me that when I had her read it instead of waiting for the people from the magazine to tell me I have no talent?), but I don't feel like going into all the gory details.

Am I expecting too much?
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July 1 2004, 20:07:20 UTC 12 years ago

Will the magazine let you rewrite it?

No one who sucks at writing could have gotten as far as you have. There are people who envy your talents, but don't let that go to your head or anything.

The magazine was probably just looking for a different take, or a different style. From what I heard even harry potter was thrown in the trash by the first publisher it was submitted to. Who knows, maybe being in jounralism for so long has impared your ability to write other styles. As an author you will most likely get rejected a few times before someone realizes the genius in you they almost overlooked.

*hugs* If a friends voice is worth anything, I'm proud (and a little jealous) of you.


July 1 2004, 20:08:45 UTC 12 years ago

and those people are assholes