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Could it be that it was all so simple then .... ?

So, long time no see. Miss me?

So I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seat wondering what I've been up to. Well, if my family is to be believed, I've been off being a self-centered whiny, angry, selfish, stupid asshole/bitch. But that's just them. I'm pretty sure I've been like working and sleeping and stuff.

So, thank you for tuning in. Here's today's Alicia vs. The World dilemma. Feel free to weigh in.

My sister has a boyfriend. He's creepy and not cool on multiple levels. He's cheated on her, hit on me in not-so-subtle fashion and generally been bad all around.

At the end of July, my cousin will be getting married in Lake of the Woods, Minn., approximately five hours from my present location. My sister has decided that El Creepo will be attending the festivities with the family.

I just found out about this literally five minutes ago. Upon learning about this, I made my position clear: if he's going to the wedding, I am NOT.

Seems cut and dried enough, eh?

But no.

Instead of the "We're disappointed but we understand your position" cliche I was hoping for, I instead got the "You're dumb and this is your family and no one cares what you think. Your sister can do whatever she wants and no one gives flying fuck what you think so just pack your bags because you're going" speech.

In short, the trip that before was a "come with us if you don't have things to do for work" is now a "come with us or die" occasion.

So here's the question: Do I continue to push, despite the familial conflicts that will be caused by it and the fact that I will be further alienating the family that's really not all the fond of me anyway? Or, do I puss out and go on the vacation and return home suicidal (if at all)?

Decisions decisions ...


Love always,
Ferdinand the Magnificent

P.S. I missed you too.
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